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Meet Beth Holland

 FMCA Health Coach

Hi!  I'm excited to meet you!  Exploring your journey toward health and wellness might seem overwhelming at first.  Unsure of where or how to start?  There are so many diet trends, health hacking protocols - how does a person know which one is right for them?  I am here to help navigate this journey with you.  Together we will sit down discover and create the right path for you.  One that is specific to your needs and your lifestyle.  Everyone responds differently so what may work for your friend or neighbor might not be the right fit for you.  There is so much more to health than diet and exercise.  Living a well balanced life filled with good quality nutrition, sleep, movement, stress reducing activities surrounded by a supportive family and community can be difficult to manage without tools and techniques to keep you on track.

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How do I know this so well?  I have knocked myself off balance on more than one occasion. I always felt as though I was living a health inspired life.   However, what I thought was well balanced was actually driving me towards a life that was almost taken from me.


My nutrition and exercise goals led the way in my health vision.  However, I was neglecting my mind, body and spirit by leaving out good quality sleep, relaxation and disregarding the fact I was burning all the candles at all ends.  I was stressing my body by trying to relieve the stress from my life.  So when I came down with the Flu, my immunity was so compromised that I couldn't fight off other infections that began to attack my body at the same time.   Finding myself in the hospital connected to life support, fighting for my life surrounded by my wonderful family was quite a wake up call for me.


How did I get here?  Where did I go wrong?  What was my life lacking?  So many questions as I know so many of you can relate.


Finding a balance is not easy and it is my mission to help you find YOURS! 


Only minutes into our coaching call, I felt at home. Beth’s warm and welcoming nature made me feel at ease. I felt like I knew her longer than the actual time frame that I did know her and because of that I was able to open up and connect with her comfortably. I felt free to discuss my issues and concerns honestly. I would definitely call upon Beth again if needed!

Katrina K

Beth Holland has helped me change my life in a monumental way! Her thought provoking and supportive guidance has balanced my mental, emotional, and physical life in a way, I thought would be unattainable. She provided the tools for me to visualize that it was not only possible, but that I was deserving of a fulfilled life. I first came to Beth, completely lost in my health journey, I was in a negative headspace, and wanting to come out of a toxic environment. Now, five months later, I have a firm grasp on my nutrition, my mental health has stabilized, my confidence has soared, and my environment is filled with positivity.  Beth leads with patience and understanding; she puts your intentions first while supporting you with positive direction and formulates individualized plans to meet your personal goals. She empowers you to take hold of your life!

Sara S

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