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Meet Beth Holland

 FMCA Health Coach

Hello there!  Welcome to an exciting exploration of your well-being!  Embarking on your path to optimal health and wellness might initially appear overwhelming. Feeling uncertain about where to begin or how to proceed?  In a world abundant with diet trends and cutting-edge health methodologies, determining the ideal approach can be quite challenging.  Fear not, for I am here to be your trusted guide on this transformative journey.


Together, we will embark on a personalized expedition tailored to your unique requirements and lifestyle. Recognizing that each person responds differently, what works for a friend or neighbor may not be the perfect fit for you.  Consequently, it is crucial to discover the most suitable path that aligns precisely with your individual needs.

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My story:   I know what it's like to lose balance and jeopardize my well-being. Though I believed I was leading a healthy life, I discovered the hard way that my approach was flawed.


My focus on nutrition and exercise overshadowed other vital aspects of self-care. Neglecting quality sleep and relaxation, I pushed myself to the limit, attempting to combat the stressors in my life. Unfortunately, this strategy only added to the strain on my body. When I fell ill with the flu, my weakened immune system couldn't fend off other infections that attacked simultaneously. I found myself in the hospital, fighting for my life, surrounded by my amazing family—a wake-up call I'll never forget.


As I reflected on how I ended up there, I realized many of you might relate to the questions that plagued me. Where did I go wrong? What was missing from my life? I want you to know that you're not alone.


Now, I invite you to join me on a journey of transformation. Together, we'll navigate the path to balance and well-being, learning from my experiences and finding the answers you seek. Say goodbye to the pitfalls and embrace a vibrant, fulfilling life. Let's uncover the missing pieces of your puzzle and create a future where wellness reigns supreme.

Finding a balance is not easy and it is my mission to help you find YOURS! 


Only minutes into our coaching call, I felt at home. Beth’s warm and welcoming nature made me feel at ease. I felt like I knew her longer than the actual time frame that I did know her and because of that I was able to open up and connect with her comfortably. I felt free to discuss my issues and concerns honestly. I would definitely call upon Beth again if needed!

Katrina K

Beth Holland has helped me change my life in a monumental way! Her thought provoking and supportive guidance has balanced my mental, emotional, and physical life in a way, I thought would be unattainable. She provided the tools for me to visualize that it was not only possible, but that I was deserving of a fulfilled life. I first came to Beth, completely lost in my health journey, I was in a negative headspace, and wanting to come out of a toxic environment. Now, five months later, I have a firm grasp on my nutrition, my mental health has stabilized, my confidence has soared, and my environment is filled with positivity.  Beth leads with patience and understanding; she puts your intentions first while supporting you with positive direction and formulates individualized plans to meet your personal goals. She empowers you to take hold of your life!

Sara S

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